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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chief of Sinners Though I Be

I consider it a completely insane thing that God should take someone like me and make him a pastor.  How in the world did I get here and what is the Lord thinking? 

Our God has a marvelous and odd sense of humor.  Consider that a little kid that grew up ditching church and school, who dropped out of high school to be a rock star should grow up to receive two degrees and be a pastor.  How in the world did this happen? 

It is always encouraging to me to read about the Prophets of old and the Apostles. What a diverse and odd crowd they were.  It seems that in order to make the "A Team" for the Prophets that you likely were called to be a complete freakshow.  Isaiah walked around naked, Jeremiah put his boxers under a rock and then after "a long time," went back to get them (I'm sure that they were quite ripe), he also walked around wearing a cattle yoke.  Hosea was led to marry a prostitute, Jonah smelled like fish puke.  Then there is my boy Ezekiel - where do we begin with this guy?  God makes him mute for a while, he sleeps on his left side for about a year, oh yeah and God tells him to cook his food over his own poop.  Ezekiel protests this one and God relents... he can use Cow plop instead... MUCH BETTER!  Think about this next time you see "Ezekiel Bread" at the market...yeah, not authentic, I hope.    
The prophets of old make the Apostles seem right down normal, yet among them were Fishermen, a tax collector, a zealot, still not exactly all the most likely candidates to be the first pastors, at least not likely if we were to chose them to be our pastor... unless they didn't want to be paid much (which is another illness in the church - for another time).  

We like to think of pastors as holy men (like the prophets of old?), righteous individuals, but the Lord is the one that calls that which is not holy to be holy in Him. 

I am a sinner, just like you are.  I am just a fallen man given a position to proclaim the mercy and forgiveness of Christ on the radio and internet, I used to be called to do it from a pulpit.  I must say that is truly a terrifying and yet exhilarating thing, for my hands are unclean and my lips are full of sin.  Even though I may be a complete dirtbag before the righteousness of God, it is a thrill to get to speak of His mercy.    

Just as Jesus has called me to be a voice calling in the wilderness of this world in such a way, He has called you to be His voices and heads of your homes.  Fathers, lead your children in matters of the Lord.  Model prayer and devotion to them, teach them the catechism and minister to your wives with love and patience giving that very forgiveness to your families that Christ has given to you.  Wives, honor your husbands and gladly teach your children. 

Oh sure, I know you quarrel among yourselves in the home, it is the result of sin and we all do it from time to time.  Oh sure, I know marriage can be hard and raising your children is not easy, but I encourage you, my fellow sinners, to confess to one another and speak the words of mercy to one another and together, under Christ, we will somehow muddle through life together, knowing that Christ has given us nothing but an “amen” to speak in response to His infinite mercies. 

I am still not sure why the Lord would call me to be a pastor, but I am sure glad that He has, because I can think of nothing else that I would rather do.  What a great thing it is, I get to tell you about what a wonderful, merciful, forgiving, gracious God we have.  How merciful our Savior, Jesus is to lay down His life for me and then for you. 

Why me?  Perhaps to show you that the Lord is able to do anything He pleases, and to show that He is the Divine Fox who loves a good pun. 

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