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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016

Perhaps my brothers who write for this blog no longer struggle with this, as they have endured quite a few elections as pastors.  However, this is a new one for me.  The day after the election, I now find myself praying a bit more often than usual for my sermon that I will preach on Sunday.  I didn't give it much thought before the election, but now that the results are in and people are faced with the reality of who will be their next president it is weighing heavily on my mind.

I have been asking God for guidance on how to preach to a congregation, some of whom are elated and some of whom are terrified.  How do you preach to a people who have been shaped by  experiences that have lead to differing political stances?  How do you preach to people who have honestly faced or witnessed racism and sexism and hate while at the same time preaching to people who have honestly been falsely accused of these same things?  People supported their candidate because they believed them to be the best answer to their fears.

Many people feel strongly on opposing positions because of what they have experienced.  They support who they do for good and true reasons, as a result of our broken and fallen world.  The only cure for a broken world is Christ Jesus, so the only thing to preach is Him crucified, risen, and ascended to one day return again.  May we turn to Christ alone for our comfort and consultation.  May we turn to Christ alone for our refuge and safe-haven.  May we not become proud and puffed up in our politics nor fall into despair, but may we look to Christ as the One who is above all.  May God use me as His mouth peace to preach to those blinded by pride or fear so that they may see Jesus.  Amen.

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